3 tips on how to make employees productive


Hannah Millist

November 21, 2023

2 hours and 23 minutes - this is the average time a UK employee is truly productive daily!  

From social media to making cups of tea, distractions in the modern workplace are endless. 

With every business dreaming of a highly productive team, how can you ensure your employees are operating at peak performance? 

There are numerous factors that contribute to high productivity. From things affecting the individual, such as their health and wellbeing, to the working environment, to the company’s culture. 

So, far from suggesting a magic bullet, we suggest a more holistic approach. Here are three of our top tips. 

Tip 1: Get a bespoke benefits provision

Benefits are a crucial part of your employees' overall job satisfaction. 

Providing the right benefits not only attracts top talent but also keeps your current team motivated and engaged. 

But every team is unique, and a workforce is always in flux. 

Standard benefits packages tend to veer to a one-size-fits-all approach; a box-ticking exercise that might fit the “average” company, but allows for some needs to slip through the gaps. 

This is why it's so important to build a benefits provision that is tailored specifically to your circumstances.

… and review your benefit’s provision regularly

Regular reviews can help you identify cost-effective options while maintaining quality. You can cut unnecessary expenses and optimise your benefit programme.

Plus, as your company grows, your employees' needs may change. What was once a great benefits package may need to be revised. It's essential to adapt to these changing needs.

At Bravo Benefits, we build your benefit package around your end goal. If your greatest need is to improve productivity, we will select from our huge range of benefits to create a solution that meets your workforce’s needs, improves their engagement, and ultimately creates a more productive team. 

Our Client Success Managers are with you throughout the entire lifecycle of your benefits solution, constantly reviewing how to make it more effective as your team and business evolve. 

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Tip 2: Invest in social engagement activities

Secondly, remember that people are naturally social creatures. 

Employees are far more likely to engage with work if they feel emotionally connected and invested in the people they are working with. 

A lot of socialising happens in the micro-moments that make up a working day - grabbing a coffee or in the lull before a meeting when everyone gathers together. 

This can be tricky to replicate in the digital space as the world embraces hybrid and flexible working patterns. 

So, it’s important to intentionally plan social activities where your team can come together to enjoy each other’s company. 

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Why employee engagement activities are important

  • Teams bond. Activities like socials, team-building exercises, company outings, and friendly competitions foster stronger bonds among employees. When your team feels like a family, they find it easier to work together.
  • This… enhances morale. Engaged employees are happier employees and they are 87% less likely to move on to a new company. When your team is in high spirits, they are more motivated and more productive.
  • This leads to… collaboration and innovation: Engaged employees are more likely to share ideas, collaborate, and drive innovation. They're not afraid to think outside the box, which can lead to breakthroughs in your industry.

Investing in social activities is a surefire way to create a more dynamic and productive workforce.

Tip 3: Praise and reward your team

This is such a simple one, that most of us overlook it. 

People respond much more to praise than criticism. We all know this. We all know we’re much more likely to work hard when we see that our efforts are appreciated. 

But doing this when teams are hybrid, remote or working flexible hours is really hard. 

People are rarely gathered together, and sometimes you want to let other people know how well an individual is doing. 

This is where an online Reward and Recognition platform becomes instrumental in improving engagement and productivity. 

A recognition platform provides a centralised digital space that allows your whole team to interact, receive praise and feedback, and get rewards for their hard work. 

It connects hybrid teams, helps build a positive work environment when you’re not physically gathering together and allows you to issue rewards that are bespoke and meaningful… all from the comfort of your desk. 

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Enhance your productivity with Bravo Benefits 

Employee productivity is a top priority for any organisation. Bespoke benefits, social activities and Recognition platforms all play a pivotal role in creating a more engaged workforce. When your team is properly engaged, then they are more likely to be productive. Enhance your team’s productivity with Bravo Benefit’s bespoke benefit solutions, and get more than 2 hours, and 23 minutes of productivity a day from your team!