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What we do

We understand that benefits can be complex and overwhelming. That's why our team of Employee Benefits experts are available to help you create a solution to meet the needs of your employees.

Our commitment:
- To always adapt to the latest changes in the employee benefits landscape.
- A fresh approach and excellent standard of service.
- Offer great value for money

We aim to help you:
- Transform your business with our innovative solutions.
- Delight your employees with amazing customer experiences.
- Provide peace of mind to your business and employees

We're a leading employee benefits provider that's passionate about what we do.

Purpose build platform
We developed Smart Hive, our digital platform, to make accessing your employee benefits easier than ever before. As well as making it more convenient, you can also add bespoke internal rewards to your benefit packages. This means all of your benefits are kept in one place, making life easier for both the business and your staff.

Furthermore, it’s our aim to provide your business with the best possible support for your employee benefits solution. We're here to advise and make the process simpler than ever before when selecting from our range of employee benefits, including Health and Wellbeing, Protection and Insurance, as well as Reward and Recognition.

12+ Years

Providing Employee Benefits


Employers we work with


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Building the right solution
We believe that building an effective employee benefits solution begins by having a comprehensive understanding of the needs of each employee. That's why we work closely with our customers to develop customised solutions tailored to their individual requirements. 

Our benefits team then leverage their experience and knowledge to recommend best-in-class plans and services that provide the most value at a price thats affordable. We stay abreast of trends in the industry, such as new technology options and evolving regulations, to ensure your plans are always up-to-date.

Additionally, our client success team maintain ongoing relationships with all of our customers so that any changes or updates are quickly addressed and implemented. With these practices in place, we can guarantee an employee benefits solution that meets your business needs.

The Story of Bravo Benefits

A history of providing exceptional employee benefits.


The business is established as Busy Bees offering childcare vouchers to all UK businesses


The business has grown to become the largest corporate childcare voucher supplier in the UK


Following employer feedback the business expands into the wider employee benefits market.


We become authorised as a benefits consultancy with the Financial Conduct Authority for financial services to offer employers a full EB service


Launch our own benefits platform Smart Hive


Launch our own reward & recognition platform


Change our name to Bravo Benefits to reflect the positive impact benefits have in the workplace post the Covid pandemic

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