Innovative staff wellbeing ideas for a diverse workforce

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Wojciech Dochan

October 23, 2023

How can every member of your team feel valued, supported, and empowered to excel? 

The answer lies in treating everyone like an individual

It might sound simple, but many businesses get this wrong, especially when thinking about the implementation of employee wellness programmes.

It doesn't have to be time-consuming or costly, but some struggle to know where to start.   

Bravo Benefits understands this dilemma, having helped over 16.5k employers deliver successful tailored wellbeing programmes over the past 12 years. 

Offering bespoke employee wellness benefits to a diverse workforce is simple, and here we give you our ideas.

But first, why should businesses embrace this approach?

Why embrace a diverse workforce?

A diverse workforce refers to an organisation's employee base that comprises individuals from various backgrounds, cultures, demographics, and perspectives. 

This diversity encompasses factors such as race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, abilities, and more. 

Diversity is crucial for companies that want to build a fair and welcoming workplace, where they can bring in, keep, and involve employees from various backgrounds, which ultimately boosts their performance and success.

Studies show that diverse teams are 87% better at making decisions as well as 35% more likely to outperform competitors. It is no surprise that more and more businesses crave a diverse workforce, full of people who can bring their own individual skills and gifts to a company. 

But how can you attract and retain a diverse workforce?  

Diversity and wellness

Offering a comprehensive wellbeing programme is a great place to start. Showing you care for the whole person and their wellbeing is a great way to build loyalty within your team, as well as meet the varying needs of your workforce. 

But, the days of generic employee wellness programmes are gone. 

A diverse workforce requires customised benefit packages that account for varying needs. 

Bravo Benefits understands that achieving this balance is essential, and our tailored approach using Smart Hive technology ensures that you offer a collection of benefits that work together to suit the needs of your diverse workforce.

Here are our top 8 workplace wellness tips.

Workplace wellness tips

1. Mental Health Support

Mental health is crucial for wellbeing, but identifying and providing support at work can be challenging. 

A good place to start is ensuring that your line managers are equipped to spot the signs of poor mental health in their team members. 

Our Mental Health First Aid training helps by teaching your staff to recognise signs of mental illness in others and respond effectively, boosting confidence and ensuring appropriate support.

Once this structure is in place, you can look to offer information and support to your whole workforce. 

Employee assistance programs (EAPs) are apps that provide access to professional mental health support in times of crisis. These apps include a range of information, presented in a variety of formats, that allow people to access information in a way that best suits them. Perfect for a diverse workforce.  

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2. Inclusive wellness initiatives

But wellbeing should not just be about buying products. It should be about empowering workers to make habits that bring about long-term change. 

Wellness coaching is a great way to do this in a way that suits individual needs. These only sessions help your team set individual goals in areas such as sleep, exercise, positive thinking, work-life balance and nutrition. 

3. Tailored financial wellness programmes

Financial stress can significantly impact employee welfare, so offering support in this area is vital. 

But not every member of your workforce will need the same level of support. 

So, offer a range of financial wellbeing platforms, making sure you include financial education,  debt advice and lending options.  

These programmes can help employees manage their finances more effectively, reducing any stress that their financial situation might be causing them and improving overall wellbeing.

4. Professional Development Opportunities

Investing in the professional development of your employees is not only good for their career growth but also their overall job satisfaction. 

Provide opportunities for training, mentorship, and skill development that cater to a wide range of career paths and ambitions. 

By supporting their professional growth, you demonstrate your commitment to their long-term success.

5. Health and fitness 

Providing a solution that gives people choices is really important when considering how to help your employees improve their physical fitness. Not everyone is cut out for going to the gym three times a week. Personal preferences can range from yoga classes to kickboxing. There is not one size fits all, and when catering for a diverse workforce it's important that this is recognised. 

Our Gym Discount Scheme offers employees affordable fitness options beyond traditional gyms. Employees can choose from a variety of fitness centres, including budget gyms, health clubs, yoga studios, and more.

Affordable options, that really showcase your commitment to your employees’ wellbeing. 

6. Health Assessments

Finally, don’t make the mistake of giving blanket health advice; recognise that personalised health advice is important to ensure that an individual’s needs are met. 

Conduct regular health screenings to identify and address specific health concerns among your employees. The screenings ensure that each employee gets individual feedback on their health, along with recommendations for any interventions that are required. 

These assessments can also provide valuable insights into the unique wellness needs of your diverse workforce, allowing you to tailor wellness programmes accordingly.

Bravo Benefits: A tailored approach to wellness

Bravo Benefits understands the importance of tailoring employee wellness programmes to meet the diverse needs of your workforce. 

By implementing innovative staff wellbeing ideas that reflect the uniqueness of your employees, you can create an inclusive and supportive workplace where everyone can thrive. 

Our customised approach ensures that you offer a comprehensive range of benefits that work together to enhance the overall well-being of your diverse workforce, ultimately contributing to a more engaged and loyal team.

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